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Behind the Camera

Get to know Ashlee, Matt & Joey the faces behind the camera!


Meet Ashlee

Hi I'm Ashlee

I am a Delaware based travel wedding & portrait photographer who has been photographing weddings for the past 7 years

My love for photography started when I was really small, like 5 years old! I have had a camera in my hand and a love for photographs since I can remember, I love listening to the stories behind the image. Capturing memories is truly my favorite thing because at the end of the day, that's all we have left of that moment.

I am a dog mom to Archie & Winnie our two rescue pups aka sidekicks. So if you're ever wondering if you can include your fur babies in your session the answer is YES PLEASE! 

 Wife to Matt who just so happens to also be the counterpart to AEP! We are a Husband & Wife team. You'll often catch Matt co-shooting a wedding or helping out at a session! 

When I'm not behind the lens you can find me

- With a good book

I love to read, I actually prefer it over tv! My current favorite author is Colleen Hoover, Im reading my way through all of her books.

- Hanging out with our pups

Its true when they say dogs really are a girls best friend. Whether its going for a walk, snuggled on the couch or a trip for a pup cup (their fav) spending time with Archie & Winnie brings me so much joy.

- Traveling

Although I love being at home with our pups there is truly something magical about exploring a new place. Whether it be traveling around the United States or in a new country were always ready.


Meet Matt

Hey, I'm Matt!

I've been assisting Ashlee with weddings for the past four years. A year-and-a-half-ago, we officially became a wife & husband team. (We married in October 2021!)

When Im not assisting with weddings I am a full time Fitness Coach who has a passion for helping others achieve their goals.

 In my down time, I am a big nature lover who loves to go on hikes. In fact, I had a nontraditional bachelor party where we went hiking! Videogames are another one of my favorite pastimes as well, you can often catch me playing World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. I also love anime and my current favorite series is One Piece.

Meet Joey

Hey, I'm Joey!

I'm the lead videographer and photography associate on the AEP team.

I have been a videographer for the last 14 years. Originally from Rhode Island, my girlfriend and I transplanted to the Philadelphia area six years ago and now call it home.

Ashlee, Matt, and I have been working together the last two years. In fact, I did their wedding video if you saw it, if not you should go watch it.

I'm a fun sock aficionado; you can always catch me wearing a different pair. Dog dad to Daisy and Douglass, my two rescue pups.

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